Peluncuran Album “Call Me Nancy – Pagi”

Sunday Market Records
Peluncuran album “Call Me Nancy – Pagi”
Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014 
16.00 – 17.30
Tiga Tuan, Surabaya Town Square
twitter : @_callmenancy
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Call Me Nancy is a bundle of emotions, hubbubs, and innocent dreams. They popped in the middle of 2004, giving Surabaya scene a jaunty Lo-Fi Indie Pop color, easily mingling amongst the Garage-Metal-Rock trend. Immensely influenced by those dreamy nostalgic crisp Pop bands such as The Cure, The Stone Roses, The Radio Dept. and the nervy Radiohead, later they were also heavily inspired by Sigur Ros. They created such lazy hazy cushy feverish tracks that subtly linger in our hearts and ears. Their music is both pessimistic and happy, wrapped in exquisite honesty. In short, Call Me Nancy is pop in its purest form.

After going through the ups and downs, the in and out of the members, they had decided to go hiatus in 2008 and sadly, had split up before even having the chance to turn their opuses into an album/EP.

Now, as years gone by, time has healed the heartbreaks. This 2014 Call Me Nancy is heading towards their revival for the sake of reuniting. They will be back at your local intimate gigs, making plans for their upcoming full album and maybe, just maybe under the blessing of Holly God of Pop, they will eventually be blazing the scene until infinity. Amen.

☥Eratramashka☥, 2014